Cryogenics Division

HM Cryogenics is the source for all your cryogenics needs. This includes new and used equipment and components, system design, installation and repair/refurbishment. Our Turnaround/Shutdown maintenance services in collaboration with SOLUTIONWERKS Incorporation USA, offer integrated end to end planning and preparation, execution for turnaround/shutdown for air separation unit (ASU) plant. SOLUTIONWERKS INC has vast experience in turnaround/shutdown of ASU for AIR PRODUCTS, LINDE, and AIR LIQUIDE designed plants. Our Total Solutions concept is designed to save your time and money and we are in Malaysia to serve you better.

Our advanced range of product lines Includes:

  • Cryogenics Bulk Storage Tanks ( up to 600,000 liters capacity )
  • Cryogenics Mobile Tankers (semi-trailer/rigid up to 40 tons capacity)
  • Cryogenics Portable Liquid Cylinders (up to 6,000 liters capacity)
  • ISO Tanks (up to 20,000 liters capacity)
  • Super Insulated / Jacketed Vacuum Pipelines (SIVL)


HMC state-of –art Repair Center offers professional services for repair and refurbishment of:

  • Bulk Cryogenic Tank
  • Mobile Tanker
  • ISO Tank
  • Portable Liquid Cylinder
  • Super Insulated / Jacketed Vacum Pipelines (SIVL)
  • Insulation/Perlite Topping Up Works

Our Repair Center is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment and our Technicians are well trained and experienced to handle all kinds of cryogenic storage containments from simple leak and plumbing repairs to rollovers and inner and outer shell repair, re-insulating and vacuum work are also among the full-service options available.


For field service, HMC’s Service Technicians are fully trained to handle on-site helium leak testing, installation, repair, and maintenance requirements and can be dispatched within a short notice.

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